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Playing live music for dancing: ballroom, latin, swing, jive, 20's jazz...

The Sunshine Kings Tea Dance Band, an offshoot of the Sunshine Kings jazz band, was formed to perform for a classic tea dance (with tea, cakes, sherry, and, of course, lots of dancing) for the London borough of Tower Hamlets in 2010.  The occasion was such a success, and the band so popular, that the occasion has been repeated twice a year ever since with the Sunshine Kings.  In that time we have performed for many others, playing quicksteps, foxtrots, waltzes, tangos, sambas, rumbas, jives, cha chas, charlestons and more.  We play classic songs that many people know, and we enjoy hearing people sing along as well as watching them dance.

Our audiences tend to be more senior, but the music is ageless, appealing to all.  The focus is providing entertaining music that is great to dance to, at the right tempos, and great to listen to if you want to take a rest from dancing.

A film was made of a tea dance (with no audience) during the 2020 pandemic to be shared on-line, in place of the regular Christmas dance that we were due to play for.  Edited clips of this film have been put together in this video below.

Sunshine Kings Tea Dance Band
Tea dance in Mile End Arts Pavillion
Julie McKee singing

Some nice feedback...

"It was a pleasure, the band really made the event special."

"Thanks for the great band you put together, consider yourself booked at the Xmas Tea Dance"

"Thanks for the wonderful performance yesterday... people LOVED it.  All the best, Alison"

"We got some lovely feedback about the event from many of those who attended – the music was great!"

Tower Hamlets Tea Dance
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