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Jazz bands: Swing, New Orleans, gipsy, 20's, trad, tea dance, brass, acoustic...

Based in London and the South East, a collection of professional jazz bands for all your needs run by Graham Hughes: Happy jazz for a party, wedding reception, celebration, New Orleans parade band for a march or a funeral, continental sounding jazz for sophisticated and uplifting music in the background or to dance to, dixieland, 20's, traditional and swing jazz for a bit of a boogie, cool jazz to dine to, jazz for a sunny (or rainy!) day on the river, tea dances (with waltzes, foxtrots, rumba's etc)...

The musicians I work with all love playing music together and entertaining people, be it in the background or on a stage to an audience. The fun we have is infectious, helping to create a positive atmosphere for any occasion.

Brass Volcanoes: Funky New Orleans style brass band, full of rhythm and fun, and great for a party.


Sunshine Kings Jazz Band: Traditional, dixieland, 20's and swing jazz at it's best.  Strolling groups, music for dancing, receptions and celebrations.

Sunshine Kings Tea Dance Band: An offshoot of the Sunshine Kings Jazz Band, playing for dancing - classic ballroom styles, latin, swing, jive etc.


Champagne Swing: Violin, guitars, double bass - light jazz with a slightly continental sound and a joyful lilt.  Inspired by the music first played by  Django Reinhardt.

Sunset Brass Band: A traditional New Orleans style marching band with a repertoire selected for funeral parades.


Lapazoos: House band for Nightjar cocktail bar in London - a bit of swing, a bit of blues, a bit of New Orleans, a lot of fun.

Visit my original music page to listen to some recordings of my own compositions.


Original light-hearted Birthday songs recorded by me and personalised for you, to send as a WhatsApp message or email to a friend.


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