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Serious worry?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I have obviously been worried and a little frightened. Particularly concerned for my older friends and relatives - especially my mum and her partner, and also for my wife who has asthma. I have made fruitless Google searches to try to inform me how much risk they actually are of coming to serious harm.

My feeling that the government advice and the Prime Minister's statement's have been carefully managed as a balance between spreading panic and getting people to take it seriously enough, while also obviously (given it's a Tory government) having an eye on the economy. Some people inevitably feel the PM is more concerned about his mate's businesses than he should be - it took some time before the restaurants, pubs and clubs were officially ordered to close, at which point they could claim on insurance. The PM is being watched and criticised by some for lack of gravity and not acting quickly enough, but the general understanding among those I've spoken to is that this is something for all of us to play our part and criticisms of the government isn't a high priority (in stark contrast to the recent Brexit debates).

I was awake in the early hours worrying if this could be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Months of shutting people in their houses and flats, with many people alone, eventually will drive them mad and they may give up caring. If a serious revolt started it would be hard for the police to contain it. Our assumtion is that eventually everything will go back to business as normal, but will it? Many people, me included, hope that this might be the inspiration for a moral rebalancing of humanity which is a positive outlook, but if the system collapses globally, with everyone's livelihoods interlinked, can it recover?

Primark, John Lewis and many other clothes shops have closed, and their orders from foreign countries have been stopped. Jobless families in Asia where the majority of the factories are located will not be supported.

There has been a backlash as on a beautifully sunny Mothers Day yesterday thousands flouted the advice to stay away from others as parks and beaches were busy. It's been announced that any parks that can be are to be closed.

The jokes on Facebook have dried up. Now there are musicians posting videos of them playing, links to scientific advice (including much from despairing epidemiologists), and posts about financial support for the self employed (along with the plethora of adverts).

It's still early days. The UK is following the same path as China and Italy, so anyone that wants to know is aware that the worst is yet to come. Unfortunately too many of us don't want to know. Once everyone knows someone who has died it'll hit home, although by the nature of epidemics it'll be too late to control far far worse. I hope I'm wrong.

Well today I'll get back to practicing my instruments, do some food shopping, make some marmalade, call friends, laundry... all pretty domestic and normal (except for the marmalade making)!

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