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Piggy Egg and Jazz FM

I popped my multitracked “Hopeful Melody” on YouTube and put a link on my Facebook page. I was delighted with the response, with many people saying it cheered them up, some people sharing it with friends, and one friend of mine, Kate Pieroudis, who presents a New Orleans themed show on Jazz FM saying she wanted to play it on her next show.

“Mate, that’s cheered my day up tremendously!”

“Brightened my day, thank you xx”

Kate was using my song as an illustration of what some musicians are doing during the lockdown. I was very chuffed, but at the same time a little concerned at the scrappy way I had put it together. My nephew (Adam Hughes) offered to polish up the mix having heard it. He is part of the up-and-coming new generation of jazz musicians and music producers, still studying at university. After re-recording the sousaphone line, and a bit of to-and-fro between me and him we had a Jazz FM ready version…

Kate lives in a small flat in Stoke Newington with a reggae loving neighbour who needs to listen to his music loud and often, and she has to record her show in her flat. She buries herself under her duvet (which is the nearest she can get to a proper acoustically damped studio), and waits for gaps between her neighbour’s music to record her show that goes out every Wednesday night.

For a two minute melody it took a shocking amount of time and headspace.

I am thinking that if I could write a dozen more songs for the same line-up I would have a pad for a new band in the future. Although I should question if I actually want another band to worry about!

We had glorious sunshine over the Easter weekend, over which we chatted to friends, made food, continued our drive to complete the domestic chores on our long list, watched the National Theatre’s production of Jane Eyre on YouTube, and took part in an egg decorating competition with 6 other friends. Pictures of our entries were all shared between us anonymously over WhatsApp and we voted for the winner. I came in as runner up with my pig, and my wife made a wonderful panda egg:

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