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NHS Needs 250 000 volunteers

Well yesterday's marmalade making was a real mission. I do it every two or three years, and it always seems to go slightly wrong. With a bit of running around finding extra oranges, and extra boiling I eventually finished with 10 beautiful jars full.

Current news: The Olympic Games planned for July in Japan have been postponed for a year, and the whole of India has been told to stay at home.

Also the NHS have put out a call for 250 000 volunteers (to help with transporting drugs and people, calling people in need, and deliveries to people in need). I've put my name down, and I gather they have already exceeded their target for volunteers in the first day.

The Excel centre in East London is being converted to a 4000 bed hospital. Last time I was there (in February this year) I was performing with a band at a huge three day conference which I found (when I arrived) was for the online gambling industry. We all felt a little seedy. When we are booked to play at a corporate event it is very common not to know who or what you are playing for, and even who else is in the band. The money involved was obviously extreme: Usain Bolt made a brief guest appearance at one point which must have cost hundreds of thousands. So I'm glad that the centre has been turned over to a less morally ambiguous use now.

We have scaffolding outside our house for our roof to be fixed today, but the builders merchants were all ordered to close yesterday so they can't get the materials. Great!

I'm taking on a role as support for my wife who works for the NHS (as an occupational therapist). All departments are being re-structured and reduced to minimum staffing in anticipation of the need for "all hands on decks" in a few days / weeks when the surge in cases of the virus happens. She is very worried about what this will entail - it's not what she signed up for.

So now I'm off for a coffee, then a bit of practice, a bit of work learning how to use my new recording software, some washing, phone calls, planning tonight's food... I'm settling in to this new routine.

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