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Increased frustration and a Joyful Melody

Nationally there is growing frustration with the lockdown. People are desperate to get back to work and open their businesses again. Daily the press are quizzing the government about how and when this will end. Apparently arrangements are being made for garden centres to open, and there are plans for football matches to be played without spectators in June. Some people that don’t like the controls say that it’s all a hoax anyway. There is a noticeable increase in traffic on the roads. Many feel that the damage caused trying to control the virus is greater than not controlling it. There are those that say that it’s less infectious and dangerous than flu. Personally I wish they would first check out an NHS intensive care unit working at 110% capacity before spreading rumours. I worry particularly about my close friends and relations who are more senior in years.

On a beautifully sunny Sunday morning last weekend me and my wife cycled down to The City to enjoy the traffic and people-free streets. To see St Paul’s Cathedral not surrounded by people was a little eerie but it was wonderful to have The City to ourselves to admire and enjoy. We carried on round to my sister’s house in Hackney to wish her happy birthday from the pavement outside, in our small way breaking the lockdown guidance. A reminder that on-line video chats are no replacement for face-to-face.

With the growing feeling that I won’t be back to gigging until the new year I’ve been thinking of how I can use my time profitably to make an income. I’ve toyed with the idea of retraining (not sure what though), considered picking up casual work (in supermarkets, warehouses, picking vegetables...), considered using my now dusty degree qualifications in Engineering to go into tutoring in maths or physics... But I remind myself that I’ve spent 20 years as a successful musician, and I should be able to use these skills. So I’ve been looking more into making better use of composing and recording. I’ll see if I can develop this, learn how to sell tracks for commercial use, and in years to come I may get some rewards from the work I’ve done this year.

I finished putting together another multi-tracked song with trombones, sousaphone and drums. This time with my friend Bubu providing a professional sounding drum track. Following up from my well-received “Hopeful Melody”, this is a “Joyful Melody”. Enjoy...

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