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A year gone.

Now a year since it all began, and I'm afraid I will look back on it in the future and think that I wasted it. I've kept myself busy, but looking back over a year it doesn't feel like I've done very much.

This was a fairly directionless week filled with:

* Time wasting - aimless fiddling with my mobile phone, checking emails, facebook etc.

* Visiting Holloway Recycling Centre to take the garden waste from last week’s gardening project.

* Visiting my mum, including a cheeky coffee in her back garden. Going round the side of the house meant it didn't feel like I was breaking the rules.

Ice cream on a cold sunny day was a highlight!

* Practice – on the trumpet, which is helping to develop my all-round brass playing embouchure, starting to give me access to an upper register on the trombone that I could previously only dream of. This high register isn’t really that useful for day-to-day playing, but the improved embouchure makes playing across all registers easier. I’m looking forward to getting back to gigging and seeing how things feel outside the practice room.

* Developing new songs for my mate Roy Pfeffer’s album – fiddling around on the piano, on Sibelius (score writing software) and playing lines through on my trombone. Hopefully they'll turn into numbers that I’m pleased with and Roy likes.

* The weekly shop – I’ve been doing this for a year now. It’s a bit of a fag coming up with a cooking plan for the week ahead, but once the shopping is done it’s great to check the menu for the evening and know that we’ve got a healthy meal planned with all the ingredients ready. When I’m back to gigging I’m not sure if it’ll work but I think we’ll try to keep it going in some form.

* I posted my latest harmonica and brass multitracked recording on Facebook and the response seemed a bit muted. It could be that many people aren't using Facebook so much, or I haven't popped up in people's streams, or people aren't so interested now. Whatever, I was pleased with it. Watch it here...

Yesterday I had another gig in the care home nearby. Me on double bass and harmonica, and Nathaniel Keen on guitar, with vocals from both of us. We got a whole mix of responses - from a feisty Italian lady who shouted "Shut Up", to zimmer-frame dancing and arm chair ballet from others.

Playing for Gillian in the care home

A busier week ahead though. I’m about to head down to ‘Buskin in Ruskin’ - a funky brass band playing on the band stand in Ruskin Park. I’ll be playing my sousaphone. Tomorrow I’ve got a short local gig with local musicians, for Mother’s Day, playing in a driveway. On Monday I have two shifts in a vaccination centre, and then on Tuesday my job working for The Census starts with a first meeting.

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