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A sunny weekend with a sober finish

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In a discussion on WhatsApp a musician friend sent me a picture of his breakfast of waffles and fruit compote on Saturday morning. He explained Poppy (his wife) made the compote, and then pointed out that “Poppy Made The Compote” sounds like the name of a bebop style jazz tune. I agreed and decided to write one. A short while later it was done, I put it onto my music writing software on my computer and emailed it to him. He was waiting for some electronic gadgetry to arrive by mail before he could record it on his piano and send it back to me to add my trombone and double bass. It felt fun to be collaborating and making music with others.

So on Sunday morning I pulled out my waffle maker from the back of a cupboard, found a tub of waffle mix and made my own. Needless to say I sent my friend a picture, feeling very pleased with myself. He pointed out that I’d been “Bitten By The Waffle Bug”, which of course had to be the title for my next tune. An hour later my friend had a document on his computer of the sheet music of my next tune.

The afternoon was spent clearing our small back yard with my wife and turning it back into a civilised spot where we could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Once it was done we felt very pleased with ourselves. Later I made a banana cake, using some old bananas that had been frozen and saved for this very purpose months ago.

What with a good dose of TV watching (continuing through the series “Last Tango in Halifax”), a few phone calls, a bit of practice, planning next weeks shopping, cooking and such we followed the government advice to a tee and stayed in.

Meanwhile in the outside world Boris Johnson had been taken to hospital, apparently just for tests, although it sounds very like a PR exercise and the Coronavirus that he began suffering with over a week ago is becoming more serious. A very sobering thought – whether you like the PM or not the idea of this virus potentially ending his life could have major implications on this country, what with the Brexit negotiations in full swing on top of everything else.

On the Monday evening it was announced that Boris Johnson had gone into intensive care. Everyone has a real feeling of shock and worry: At this moment with the country and the world in crisis, after years of unstable government, and in the middle of Brexit negotiations, the country needs Boris to stay in charge. This seems to be recognised by people of all political persuasions. There is a fear that we may be watching not only a personal tragedy for Boris Johnson and his friends and family unfolding, but a national tragedy with major historical significance. Made more poignant by the fact that the PM’s partner, who also has the virus, is pregnant with their child.

Another melody, with a contemplative tone this time, was sketched out before I went to bed.

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