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A skiing holiday and a dawning realisation

It started in China with the worrying news reaching us here. Poor folks in Wuhan. Total lockdown of Chinese cities? Blimey, seems mad. Glad it's over there and not here.

Then it reached Italy, around Venice. And seven of us had a skiing holiday in Italy at the end of February. We were going to the Italy / French border though. Sestriere "many miles from the outbreak" the Souze facebook page said. "The same distance as Taunton to Penzance" (as a Londoner that didn't seem so far away!). No cases were reported and the resort was very much open. So we took the precaution of changing our flight to Geneva airport in Switzerland instead of Turin and headed off. We were all staying in a little rented chalet in a quiet village, and we were cooking for ourselves so we reckoned we weren't being reckless.

The holiday was fabulous - lots of snow and sun, and the resort was blissfully empty. We were a bit worried about getting home but there were no problems. We returned on the 7th March. One of our group was ordered to self-isolate by her work for a fortnight, which at the time seemed a bit extreme, but she was about to leave her job anyway so she wasn't going to argue. I had a couple of nice gigs on 8th March which got me back in to the swing of things again. It reminded me that while skiing was a lot of fun, I did love playing music too.

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