Live music locally: Holloway, Archway, Crouch End, Finsbury Park, Tufnell Park, Highgate (N19, N6,N8, N4, N7)

We are local musicians who like to entertain local people.

We can come and play on your doorstep for a surprise gift to someone, or in your front room or garden (if Covid rules allow).  We have a repertoire of songs from the early days of jazz and blues to more recent popular songs.  If you have a request then send it over.

Watch these videos of us playing on a doorstep in Archway.

If you want a short chat face to face about any idea you have we may be able to pop round:

Holloway / Crouch Hill / Finsbury Park?

Please call Graham Hughes on  07947 741 070


Archway / Highgate / Tufnell Park?

Please call Jonny Gee on 07976 287 795

Archway Aligators band playing live music outdoors